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TDDD04 Software Testing

Course information

The goal of the course, as stated in the Study Guide, is

To prepare students to learn how to:

  • Apply general software testing principles and fundamental test processes
  • Implement test levels and types to various software development models
  • Understand, generalize and analyse different testing methods
  • Manage tests including planning, estimating, monitoring and controlling
  • Design, implement, explain, apply, and describe different test strategies and tools
  • Compare, criticize, evaluate, and choose different testing methods

The lectures will be interactive, with short, integrated discussions, to help you understand, and generalize different testing methods, and testing principles.

There will be a set of lectures with invited speakers in the course, from research as well as from industry, that will help you to compare and evaluate different testing methods, and give you perspectives on testing. These lectures are considered an integral part of the course, with content that will be covered during the final exam.

The lab assignments aim to help you learn how to implement test levels and manage tests.

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Last updated: 2018-07-30