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TDDD07 Real Time Systems (6 ECTS)

Ht2 2016

Real-time and embedded systems constitute over 90% of today's computing applications.

The goal of the course is to get an understanding of the issues involved in the design and implementation of real-time dependable systems, including distributed and networked applications.

The course brings together several theoretical topics on characterization of timeliness and dependability, and makes parts of the theory concrete in a specific application, i.e. Rescue robots, as lab exercises.

Latest News...

2016‑12‑21  Resource session

There will be a resource session with Simin on 5/1 at 13-15 provided that she gets some questions via mail before 4/1 16.00. In that case the location will be Donald Knuth, B Bldg up. We can also give you access to the lab room before so that you can prepare your demonstration.

2016‑11‑22  Muddy cards

Summary of the muddy card evaluation is now available

2016‑10‑25  TDDD07 ht2 2016

Welcome to the Real-time systems course! The first lecture will take place on Monday, October 31 at 13.15 in room KY23. The web pages are currently being updated.

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