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TDDD07 Real Time Systems


Welcome to the Robolab real-time rescue labs! In this lab series you will program robots for a search and rescue scenario. You will analyse timing properties of a number of real-time tasks, structure, implement and evaluate your solution on a physical robotic platform. You will also implement admission control and message differentiation mechanisms to ensure timely communication between the robots.

These pages will be continuously updated with more information to help you to complete the labs. Check back regularly!


  • Lab sign up The deadline for signing up is 2016-11-02.
  • Lab compendium. The compendium provides an overview of the system, as well as what you need to do to complete the labs.
  • Robot agent API In Lab 1 API and Lab 2 API we have summarised the most important functions and data structures needed for lab 1 and lab 2. The full API for robot agent project can be found here.
  • Lab skeleton The lab skeleton as a zip archive.
  • Victim list A table containing information about the victim IDs and coordinates is provided in PDF and ODS format.


The labs will be done in the C programming language (on a Linux platform), which we expect you to have at least some knowledge of. There are numerous information sources online, including textbooks, tutorials and complete online C programming courses. We encourage you to take advantage of this at an early stage if you have limited experience with C programming.

Submitting solutions

  • Answers to preparatory questions and code solutions should be submitted to your lab assistant (normal e-mail address).
  • The final lab report must be submitted through Urkund (see table below).
Lab groupAssistantE-mailUrkund
AJalil Boudjadarabdeldjalil.boudjadar@liu.seabdbo42.liu@analys.urkund.se
BChih-Yuan (Sana) Linchih-yuan.lin@liu.sechili83.liu@analys.urkund.se
CChih-Yuan (Sana) Linchih-yuan.lin@liu.sechili83.liu@analys.urkund.se

Lab deadline and examination

Information about lab deadlines and for examination form for the labs is done can be found on the Examination page.

Page responsible: Simin Nadjm-Tehrani
Last updated: 2016-11-03