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Undergraduate Education

ADIT has the responsibility for courses in the areas: computer networks, databases, and security. In addition, we examine and supervise BSC and MSc theses.

Computer Networks

  • TDTS06 Computer Networks, 6hp (BME, C, CS, D, DAV, IT, SOC, Y) - HT1
  • TDTS04 Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, 8hp (C, DI, I, Ii, IP) - VT1
  • TDTS11 Computer Networks and Internet Protocols, 6hp (IT) - VT1
  • TDTS21 Advanced Networking, 6hp (D, IT, DAV, CS) - VT1+2
  • TDDD66 Mobile Networks, 6hp (IT) - HT1
  • TDDD93 Large-scale Distributed Systems and Networks, 13hp (U) - VT1+2

Databases and data mining

  • TDDD37 Database Technology, 6hp (BME, C, CS, D, DAV) - HT2
  • TDDD12 Database Technology, 6hp (C, DI, I, Ii, IP, M, Mat, Y) - VT2
  • TDDD81 Database Technology, 6hp (I, Ii) - VT1+2 - for I/Ii students that work on Bachelor thesis project - instead of TDDD12
  • TDDD46 Database Technology, 8hp (IT) - HT2
  • replaced by TDDD74 in 2014: TDDB77 Databases and Bioinformatics (TB) - VT2
  • TDDD74 Databases for Bioinformatics (MED, TB) - VT2
  • TDDD43 Advanced Data Models and Databases, 6hp (COS, CS, D, DAV, IT) - HT1+2
  • TDDD41 Data Mining - Clustering and Association Analysis, 6hp (CS, D, DAV, IT) - VT1
  • 732A31 Data Mining - Clustering and Association Analysis, 15hp (SDM) - VT1+2
  • 739902/732A32 Data Mining Project, 6hp (SDM)


  • TDDC90 Software Security, 6hp (COS, CS, D, DAV, IT) - HT2
  • TDDD17 Information Security, Second course, 6hp (COS, CS, D, DAV, I, Ii, IT) - VT1+2
  • replaced by TDDD82 in 2014: TDDD36 Project: Secure Mobile Systems, 30hp - not given 2013
  • TDDD82 Project Semester including Bachelor thesis: Secure, Mobile Systems

Examination of BSc and MSc theses

Contact: Tommy Färnqvist (studierektor)

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