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TDDD12 Database Technology (6 ECTS)

Vt2 2016

Welcome to the course.


The course gives a thorough introduction to the theoretical and practical issues underlying the design and implementation of modern database systems.


Please, see LiTH Study Guide.

Course book

- Elmasri, R. and Navathe, S. B. Fundamentals of Database Systems, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6h edition, Addison Wesley. The 6th edition may have a different title: Database Systems - Models, Languages, Design, and Application Programming.
- Swedish-speaking students may also want to check this online course.

Scheduled times

11 lectures, 10 lab sessions, and 2 teaching sessions (tutorials).

Before each lecture

Read the advised book chapter and print lecture material.

Before the fist lab

You need to register for the course, so that you get a database account to do the mandatory labs, get the right to write the exam, and belong to the mailing list used by the teachers to send important notifications. In addition to registering for the course, you also need to register for the labs. Check the computer labs section for more information.


Written exam and computer labs.

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