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TDDE62 Information Security: Privacy, System and Network Security, 6 credits


See TimeEdit for a detailed schedule.

Schedule for lectures

15/1 Introduction to course Ulf Kargén
17/1 Network Security I, Slides 1Slides 2 Andrei Gurtov
19/1 Network Security II, Slides 3Slides 4 Andrei Gurtov
22/1 Network Security III, Slides 5Epilogue Andrei Gurtov
24/1 Privacy I Jenni Reuben
26/1 Privacy II Jenni Reuben
29/1 5/2 System Security: Introduction Ulf Kargén
5/2 12/2 System Security II: Security and Security Controls in Operating Systems
Note: last year's slides
Robert Malmgren
12/2 16/2 System Security: Trusted Computing I Ben Smeets
14/2 19/2 System Security: Trusted Computing II Ulf Kargén
19/2 26/2 System Security: Malware I Ulf Kargén
26/2 28/2 System Security: Malware II Ulf Kargén


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