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TDDE62 Information Security: Privacy, System and Network Security, 6 credits


Examination moments

TEN 1 Written examination. (U,3,4,5) 4 ECTS
LAB 1 Mandatory labs 2 ECTS

Exam dates

Here you can search for examination dates.

Written examination

Permissible aids for the exam
Dictionary - Book, NOT Electronic.

Assessment criteria

The formal assessment criteria for the TEN1 and LAB1 moments can be found here (English) and here (Swedish).

Old exams

Since the course is given for the first time this year, there are no old exams. However, since this course replaces and extends the older course TDDD17, the old exams for TDDD17 should provide a pretty good idea about what to expect on the exam.

Note, however, that the TDDD17 exam was only 2 credits, while the TDDE62 exam is 4 credits. A more in-depth knowledge will therefore be required in order to pass the TDDE62 exam. Also note that the content on system security, in particular the topic of trusted computing, has been expanded in TDDE62.

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