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TDDD97 Web Programming


Slides 2018 (local access only; LiU-ID login)

Slides from the lectures/lessons are available in pdf suitable for printing and on-line viewing.
  • Lecture 1 [pdf] - Introduction(The course overview, web and internet background, architecture)
  • Lecture 2 [pdf] - client-side development(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Selenium, RWD)
  • Lesson 1 [zip] - Getting started with "The phonebook", going through lab 01
  • Lecture 3 [pdf] - server-side development(Python, Flask, SQL, Rest API, Validation, Security)
  • Lesson 2 [zip] Developing The backend of Phonebook, Going through lab 02
  • Lecture 4 [pdf] - Client-Server communication(AJAX, Websockets, JSON, Project Overview)
  • Lesson 3 [zip] Completing Phonebook, Client-Server communication

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Last updated: 2018-02-07