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TDDD97 Web Programming / 732A56 (6 ECTS)

Vt1 2022

Latest News...

2022‑01‑25  The link to the electronic queue. password: tddd97


2022‑01‑16  We switch entirely to distance mode.

Regarding the current situation and high growing rate of infection in the country we are left with no other choice than going entirely to distance mode. This can though be temporary. At the current stage all planned activities shall be held only at distance. All the instructions on the course page regarding attending different course activities, physically, are temporarily nullified.

2022‑01‑11  All lectures and lessons are also streamed online.

2022‑01‑11  The course page is now updated for 2022.

2022‑01‑04  The course page is under construction.

2022‑01‑04  The course is entirely held in hybrid mode!

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