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TDDD97 Web Programming (6 ECTS)

Vt1 2018

Latest News...

2018‑02‑07  The source code from lesson three is now available!

2018‑02‑05  Slides for lecture four, Client-server communication, are now available!

2018‑01‑30  The source code from lesson two is now available!

2018‑01‑29  Slides for lecture three, server-side development, are now available!

2018‑01‑25  The deadline for refgistering on webreg is now extended

In order to be able to accomadate the new students who have been registered on the course as late applicants, the deadline for registering for the labs is now extended to February 1st.

2018‑01‑22  The source code from lesson one is now available!

2018‑01‑18  Slides for lecture two, client-side development, are now available!

2018‑01‑15  Slides for lecture one, introduction, are now available!

2018‑01‑10  WebReg is open for registeration

Please don't forget to register yourself on WebReg before January 23rd.

2018‑01‑10  The course page is updated now!

2018‑01‑08  The course page is being updated...

2017‑12‑05  New course leader Spring 2018

Sahand Sadjadee will be course course leader and examiner when the course starts in January 2018. Questions regarding the course should be directed to him.

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