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TDDD38 Advanced Programming in C++


Remote examination in Advanced C++ - Requirements

  1. Local development environment for C++ supporting the standard compilation flags we use in the course:
    -std=c++17 -Wall -Wextra and -Wpedantic -Weffc++ (we use g++ 7.5.0 on Ubuntu 18.04)
  2. Working Thinlinc client. This is for you to be able to verify your code with the exact compiler we use.
  3. OpenOffice Writer, Word och an other tool supporting clear visual representation/separation of headers, text sections and code sections and export of the final document to pdf.
  4. Working solution to connect to us in a video call through Teams or Zoom.
  5. Phone in case you need to reach us urgently.
  6. A timer/alarm for reminders when it is time to hand in.
  7. A good workplace that offer you a private and calm environment without disturbance for the duration of the exam.

If you are unable to fulfil any of the above requirements you need to contact examiner Klas Arvidsson immediately.

Exam front page and rules

Exam front page and rules. Read carefully!

If you are unsure of anything you need to contact examiner Klas Arvidsson immediately.

Exam sessions

We have one exam planned in the near future:

  • 2020-08-19 at 08:00-14:00.

Q & A

Q: I can not see any submissions in Lisam. When will they show up?

A: They will show up the minute the exam start, no earlier.

Q: How do I get access to the exam?

A: We will publish the exam (for signed up only) through Lisam, Teams and email, and also on the course webpage (available for all).

Q: I'm not signed up. Can I write the exam anyway?

A: No. See here for more information. You are welcome to write the exam next exam session.

Q: How do I start Visual Studio Code on Thinlinc?

A: Open a terminal window and enter:

  module add prog/vscode

Q: How do I access my local computer windows when in Thinlinc?

A: In Thinlinc, press F8 and choose to disable fullscreen to make your Thinlinc session run in a regular window. You should be able to copy and paste between Thinlinc programs and local programs, but note that many Linux programs do not handle Ctrl-v. Pressing middle mouse button (the wheel), right click and select paste, or Ctrl-y are common ways to paste text if Ctrl-v do not work.

Q: What tools can I use during the exam? Am I allowed to use intellisense, code highlighting, error underlining and such tools?

A: Yes. Standard development tools are okay. But your code must compile according to exam specifications.

Q: What resources can I use during the exam?

A: You can get information from any website or book as long as you cite the source. The only exception is cppreference.com, you do not have to cite that. You are explicitly forbidden from any kind of communication. Thus you may not post to forums, send email, call a friend or use any other means of information exchange. The only exception is contact with course personnel.

Q: How do I ask about course contents before the exam?

A: Send an email to course leader Christoffer Holm.

Q: Do I need to use voice and video chat during the exam?

A: No. But you might be summoned for a demonstration of your solution after the exam, and in that case you will need it.

Q: If I am done with the exam before the time marked on a partial submission, do I still need to send in that partial submission?

A: No. Once you have handed in your final submission you are done.

Q: Will the exam be like the previous computer lab exams?

A: Not quite. The exam consists of three parts. Part I is a larger programming assignment and part II involves explaining your solution to part I in text format. Part III is for higher grades: this part consists of two programming assignments akin to those that can be found on a normal exam. The big difference is that you will have to answer questions about those assignments.

Q: It says that I might be summoned to demonstrate my solution after the exam. When will this happen?

A: You will get an E-mail with more information if we want you to demonstrate your solution. It will be some time after the exam, i.e. not immediately afterwards.

Q: Can I use Zoom/Microsoft Teams from another device than the one I use for development?

A: Yes, as long as you can show your code during any potential demonstrations after the exam. During the exam you don't need to use voice and video chat, so during the exam it doesn't matter.

Page responsible: Christoffer Holm
Last updated: 2020-08-27