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TDDC90 Software Security


The following is a detailed explanation of the course planning. There should be no differences between the times and locations here and that which is posted on TimeEdit. However, if there is divergence between the two, please let somebody in the teaching group know.

Click here to check the schedule on the web (TimeEdit).

Detailed schedule for lectures and labs

Week 45 - Secure software and vulnerabilities week
08/11   10-12   G32   Lec 1: Introduction to software security
Slides: Introduction_TDDC90_2017.pdf
Ulf Kargén
09/11   13-15   Planck   Lec 2: Secure software development and secure design  
Slides: TDDC90_Secure_Software_Development.pdf
Ulf Kargén
10/11   10-12   T2   Lec 3: Vulnerabilities and secure code I
Slides: TDDC90_Vulnerabilities_I.pdf
Ulf Kargén
Week 46 - Vulnerabilities week
15/11   10-12   T2   Lec 4: Vulnerabilities and secure code II
Slides: TDDC90_vulnerabilities_II.pdf
Ulf Kargén
16/11   13-15   SU12,13,14   Lab: PONG
Ulf Kargén
17/11   10-12   SU17/18   Lab: PONG
Ulf Kargén
Week 47 - Web security week
21/11   08-10   xx   Time reserved UNBOOKED  
22/11   10-12   R41   Lec 5: Web security
Slides: TDDC90_Web_Security.pdf
Ulf Kargén  
23/11   13-15   SU15/16   Lab: Web Security
Ulf Kargén
24/11   10-12   SU17,18   Lab: Web Security Ulf Kargén
Week 48 - Review and static analysis week
28/11   8-10   R41   Lec 6: Software engineering reviews
Slides: TDDC90_sw_reviews.pdf
Kristian Sandahl
29/11   10-12   R41   Lec 7: Static analysis I
Slides: TDDC90_static_I.pdf
Handout: TDDC90_static_I_handout.pdf
Ahmed Rezine
30/11   15-17   S41   Lec 8: Static analysis II
Slides: TDDC90_static_II.pdf
Handout: TDDC90_static_II_handout.pdf
Ahmed Rezine
Week 49 - Labs, labs...
05/12   8-10   SU00,01   Lab: STATIC PONG Ahmed Rezine UNSUPERVISED
06/12   10-12   SU00,01   Lab: STATIC PONG Ahmed Rezine Ulf Kargén
Supervised from 11.00
07/12   13-17   SU02,03   Lab: PONG Ulf Kargén
08/12   10-12   SU17/18   Lab: PONG STATIC Ulf Kargén Ahmed Rezine
Week 50 - Security testing and seminar week
13/12   10-12   SU17/18   Lab: PONG Ulf Kargén UNSUPERVISED
14/12   13-17   R34, R35   Web security seminar
Ulf Kargén
15/12   10-12   S41   Lec 9: Security testing & course summary
Slides: TDDC90_Security_Testing.pdf
Ulf Kargén
Week 51
18/12   13-15   SU00,01   Lab: PONG (extra session) Ulf Kargén

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