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TDDB68 Concurrent Programming and Operating Systems


The examination of TDDB68 consists of the following parts:
  • A series of lab assignments, 3 hp = 3 ECTS
  • A written exam, 3 hp = 3 ECTS

Written exam

The questions and instructions will be given in English.
You may write the answers in Swedish or in English.

Allowed aids in the written exam

  • dictionary between English and your native language
  • pocket calculator
No books, no notes, no papers.

Lab bonus

If you have passed the entire lab series by 15 March 2019 in webreg, you will receive in the three exams of 2019 a bonus of 4p (i.e., 20% towards the threshold for passing).
Only students who are registered on the course for the first time in spring 2019 are eligible for this bonus.

Dates for next written exam

See the central exam date search engine for TDDB68.

The main exam is in march. Re-exams are usually in june and august.

Old Exams

Here are some exams that have been given in previous versions of the course.

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Last updated: 2019-01-19