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TDDB68 Concurrent programming and Operating Systems

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2018‑01‑12  Welcome!

Welcome to the 2018 instance of the course. The first lecture will take place on Monday January 15 at 10.15.

2017‑12‑15  Web pages

The web pages are currently being updated for VT1 2018.

2017‑08‑08  Lab demonstration

The last opportunity to demonstrate labs before the next course instance will be during the beginning of fall. Due to constraints for the lab assistants, the exact date will be determined individually. Please send an email as described on the lab pages (the last date to send the email has been moved forward two weeks).

2017‑04‑25  Lab demonstration

The next opportunity to demonstrate labs will be during the re-take period in June. You need to send an email no later later than 2017-05-24 to be able to demonstrate. See the lab pages for details.

2017‑04‑04  Exam review

The exam review session will take place on Tuesday 25 April at 12.30 in room Donald Knuth (B building, entrance 29, B cooridor, level 3).

2017‑03‑12  Memory lecture

The video lecture on memory management is now available on the lecture and lesson page.

2017‑02‑15  Updated lab submission instructions

The lab web page now contains the same information on how to submit the code to the assistants as was given in an email.

2016‑12‑16  New examiner

Mikael Asplund will take over as the examiner in 2017. The web pages are currently being updated.

23/5/2016  New course secretary

From today, Elin Brödje (IDA) is the new course secretary for TDDB68.

4/4/2016  Exam review on 8 april 12:30-13:00

The results of the exam of 18 march have been reported.
An exam review session has been scheduled for friday 8 april at 12:30-13:00 in room John von Neumann, IDA.
Use this opportunity to inspect your exam and talk to the correcting assistants.
Afterwards, the exams will be archived in the IDA student expedition in the E-house, upper floor.

3/3/2016  New course secretary

From today, Åsa Kärrman (IDA) is the new course secretary for TDDB68.

12/2/2016  Extended use of Lab group E evening time slots

Currently there is low physical attendance in lab group E (evening times, see the schedule in TimeEdit). In order to make better use of the available supervision and room resources, we welcome participants from other lab groups who need more supervised lab time to additionally attend lab sessions of group E for asking questions (NB not for demonstrating or handing in solutions).

12/2/2016  Rebalancing lab groups C and D

In order to balance workload and shorten average waiting times for help by lab assistants, we migrate the lab teams 15 and 16 from the full lab group C to group D.

3/2/2016  Lesson 2 on Friday 5/2/2016

Lesson 2 will cover lab 2. However, for those of you who are still struggling with Lab 1 there will be a short repetition of Lesson 1 the beginning. If you are already done with Lab 1 you can skip the repetition part and come 15 minutes later!

3/2/2016  Report on mid-term evaluation 1/2/2016

The report on the mid-term evaluation is available here.

20/1/2016  The course is full for 2016

As of today, the number of course registrations in LADOK indicates that the course is fully booked for its maximum capacity. We will therefore block all further requests for late course registration and keep them on a waiting list until the webreg deadline has passed, and admit these only to the course if there are spaces left in the labs.
Hence, if you are not registered yet, send your request to the manager of undergraduate studies, Dr. Ahmed Rezine, IDA, so we can include you in the waiting list.
If you are registered on the course but do not intend to take or complete it this spring, please unsubscribe so that someone else can take your spot.

11/1/2016  Lab-0 for Group D rescheduled

The first lab session of Group D has been moved from tuesday 19/1 to wednesday 20/1 at 10-12 in room SU04/06 and will be supervised by Simon Ståhlberg, see the web schedule.

7/1/2016  First lecture 2016

The first lecture for TDDB68 in VT2016 will be on monday 18 january 2016 at 08:15-10:00 in lecture hall C2.
As I will be on a business trip, the first two lectures will be given by my colleague Dr. Mikael Asplund, IDA.

9/11/2015  Former TDDB68 students with remaining lab(s)?

In the coming instance of TDDB68 starting on jan 18, 2016, there will be a special lab group (group E) scheduled at evening times during vt1, that also former TDDB68 students can join to finish their labs and get examined. Please re-register for the course vt1/2016, and also sign up for lab group E in Webreg in the first week (v3).

23/6/2015  Migrating Pintos labs from Solaris to Linux

IDA has now retired Solaris. Those of you who used Solaris for Pintos labs and still are not finished with the labs need to migrate your existing lab files to Linux.
The simplest way is probably to download a fresh Pintos for Linux from the lab page and then copy over the source files you modified when using Solaris, of course removing the corresponding files that already exist in Linux-Pintos.

27/4/2015  Final deadline for former TDDB68/TDDB72 students

Students who started before 2007 and need to finish the labs before summer need to demonstrate and submit before 12 june 2015 so that we can correct and report the result before the summer break.

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Last updated: 2015-01-05