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TDDB68 Concurrent programming and Operating Systems


When communicating via email...
  • ... please do always include the course code (TDDB68) in the subject line of the email!

  • ... please send technical and organisational questions regarding lessons and labs directly to your assistant.

Questions about late course registration should be sent directly or via the IDA student expedition to the area manager (studierektor) for this course, Ola Leifler, who decides about admission. The necessary form can be found here, it needs to be signed by the studierektor.


Mikael Asplund

Course assistant

Felipe Boeira

Course secretary

Mikaela Holmbäck

Other teachers

Arian Maghazeh
Joakim Ericsson ( joaer187@student.liu.se )
Patrik Sletmo ( patsl736@student.liu.se )
Pernilla Eilert ( perei230@student.liu.se )

Director of studies

Ola Leifler

Page responsible: Mikael Asplund
Last updated: 2018-01-10