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729G12 Distribuerad och situerad kognition

v 46-03 2016

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31/10/17  Current course information: Use LISAM!

Från och med HT 2017 används Lisam för denna kurs. Den information som står på denna hemsida är inte aktuell för kursen. För uppdaterad information, se Lisam. Informationen på hemsidan kommer att stå kvar som referensmaterial för studenter som har läst kursen HT 2016 eller tidigare och behöver komplettera någon uppgift. För alla studenter som läser kursen HT 2017 eller senare, se Lisam för aktuell information.

As of fall term 2017 this course will use Linköping University's educational platform Lisam for all course information and communication. The information available through this website is for archival purposes only, for those students who were registered on this course 2016 or earlier. For all students registered for the 2017 course or later, please see Lisam for current information.

16/05/17  Make-up dates

The next deadline for take-home exam and writing assignment revisions (kompletteringar) is Friday the 18/8, at 17:00. Send your revisions to erik.prytz@liu.se.

16/12/16  Take-home exam

The take-home exam is now available under "Examinationsuppgifter".

27/11/16  Email your questions and/or answers to Mattias before the seminar

Remember to email the answer to one of the questions listed for seminar 1 and/or 1-2 questions of your own based on the assigned reading material to Mattias (mattias.kristiansson@liu.se) before the seminar!

18/11/16  Remember to sign up for seminars & project groups

Use WebReg to sign up for seminar time slots and project groups if you have not already done so.

15/11/16  Garbis is now available at the printing office

LiU printing office has now re-printed a number of copies of Garbis' thesis and it is available for purchase.

15/11/16  Lecture 1 uploaded

The slides from Lecture 1 are now uploaded under "Litteratur".

14/11/16  Link to Garbis chapter 3

Due to a misunderstanding the printed version of Garbis dissertation has not been printed for this course this year. I will submit an order for a print ASAP, and will keep you posted on the progress. Meanwhile, I have uploaded Chapter 3 of Garbis dissertation that you can access through this link: www.ida.liu.se/~729G12/mtrl/Garbis_Kap3.pdf, so that you can keep up with your readings. I am not allowed to share more than one chapter, due to copyright.

14/11/16  Project presentation is 2017-01-17

The time given in Time-Edit for the project presentation is correct. The presentations are 2017-01-17, nothing else. I apologize for the confusion due to the wrong date on a slide during my lecture.

14/11/16  Sign-up for seminars

Use this link to sign up for seminars. The designated "English group" for each seminar will be conducted in English, but is of course open for anyone sign up for. Please also use webreg (the link) to sign up in project groups (3 students each). I have entered those who signed up at the lecture today; the remaining students must sign up manually in webreg.

8/11/16  Datum för hemtenta och skrivuppgift uppdaterade

De datum som finns på denna hemsida är nu de korrekta.

20/9/16  Hemsidan är uppdaterad

Hemsidan är nu uppdaterad för HT16. Vid frågor, maila erik.prytz@liu.se.

5/9/16  Uppdatering inför HT16

Hemsidorna kommer i dagarna uppdateras med aktuell information för 2016.

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