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Graduate Courses

Graduate courses organized by the group

National graduate schools Local
  • Fundamentals of modern database systems, 2004 ht - course in the ECSEL (Excellence center in computer science and systems engineering in Linköping) graduate school (Patrick Lambrix).
  • Introduction to Description Logics, 1996 vt, 1999 vt (Patrick Lambrix).
  • Introduction to Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web Technologies, 2023 vt, (Olaf Hartig, Eva Blomqvist, Patrick Lambrix)
  • Introduction to Logic / Logic I, 2005 vt (Patrick Lambrix), 2012 ht (Patrick Lambrix and Fang Wei-Kleiner), 2022 ht (Patrick Lambrix).
  • Intelligent Software Agents, 1998 vt, 2002 vt (Nahid Shahmehri and Patrick Lambrix).
  • Logics for the Web, 2003 ht (Jan Maluszynski and Patrick Lambrix).
  • Modern Information Retrieval, 2006 vt (Juha Takkinen).
  • Sports Analytics, since 2019 vt (Patrick Lambrix).

Lectures in other graduate courses

International summer schools International National graduate schools
  • An orientation in bioinformatics methods, 2003 vt, 2005 ht - course in the Ph.D. Programme in Medical Bioinformatics (FMB forskarskola i medicinsk bioinformatik), given at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (Patrick Lambrix).
  • Data mining and applications in science and technology, 2002 vt, 2004 ht - course in the National graduate school in scientific computing (NGSSC) (Patrick Lambrix).
  • Bioinformatics, Faculty of Health Sciences, 2001 ht (Patrick Lambrix).
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics, 2001 ht (Patrick Lambrix).
  • Introduction to Machine Learning, 1999 vt (Patrick Lambrix).


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