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TDDC90 Software Security


Written exam

The written exam covers the required course literature (papers and lecture notes). There will be a small number of questions in each area of the course.

Old exams

Name  Size Date Description 
TDDC90 TEN1 2007-12-21.pdf 161k 2007-12-18  
TDDC90 TEN1 2008-03-28.pdf 18k 2008-03-26  
TDDC90 TEN1 2008-12-15.pdf 16k 2013-10-24  
TDDC90 TEN1 2009-04-17.pdf 21k 2013-10-24  
TDDC90 TEN1 2009-12-22.pdf 259k 2009-12-17  
TDDC90 TEN1 2010-04-09.pdf 281k 2010-04-07  
TDDC90 TEN1 2010-08-27.pdf 304k 2010-08-19  

Recently added:
TDDC90 TEN1 2011-12-19
TDDC90 TEN1 2012-04-13
TDDC90 TEN1 2012-08-24


The labs are required. See the labs page for more information.

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