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TDDC78 (vt2/2014)

Programming of parallel computers - methods and tools

"Students graduating with a competence in engineering software for parallel systems
will have a distinct advantage in the work force over those who do not."

--- M. Oskin, The Revolution Inside the Box, Comm. ACM 51(7), July 2008

Announcements 2014

  • The exam of 2 june 2014 is now corrected and the result will show up in Ladok a few days after the midsummer holiday.
    An exam review opportunity has been scheduled for wednesday 25 june 2014 12:00-12:30, room Donald Knuth, IDA.

  • Due to several business trips and one of the assistants leaving the department, the correction of the TDDC78 exam of 2/6 is unfortunately delayed. The exam result is expected to be available by approx. 20 june 2014 and will show up in Ladok shortly after midsummer.

  • The report on the muddy-card evaluation of 9 april 2014 is now available here.

  • Make sure that you are properly registered on the course.
    Note that lecture notes will be made available electronically to registered participants only, and the NSC lab computers will only be accessible to registered participants.
    If you forgot to register, please contact the studierektor Tommy Färnqvist immediately.
    It is not possible to jump on the course after the first week.

  • The web pages are being updated for 2014.

  • The former sister course TANA77 (Programming parallel computers, scientific computing) at the mathematics department does no longer exist since 2010. We still cover parallel scientific computing in TDDC78, but the TANA77 labs are no longer offered. Former TANA77 students with unfinished labs please contact Henrik Branden (MAI).

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