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TDDC78 mid-term evaluation 2017

The course has been mid-term-evaluated by the muddy card method on 10/4/2017 during the 10th lecture.
The number of received cards is 22. I summarize in the following the main issues and comment where appropriate. Concerns mentioned on only one card are taken into consideration but usually not listed below.

Overall, the course seems to run well. 3 cards had no dislike at all, and most criticism is not of a serious kind.

Organization and Topic: Many students liked the intro + visit to NSC (8), finding the practical information given there very useful. Working on a real supercomputer is appreciated (3). The topic of the course is considered interesting and very relevant (5).

Lectures: Lectures are appreciated as good, informative, clear (6). Slide material is considered good (2) and dense (1), the teacher as very competent (2) (thanks!). Several expressed that showing real code examples was very helpful (4).
One student complained about unexplained abbreviations (1).
Comment: I normally try to introduce all abbreviations, but may have overlooked one or presented a concept out of order. All abbreviations should be explained on the slides. Please ask if an abbreviation is unclear!
Some perceive lectures as sometimes not so interactive (2)...
Comment: Please feel free to ask questions to increase interactivity.
... and that lectures could be speeded up / omit some details (2).

Labs: Labs (just one session so far) are considered very interesting/useful (5) and fun (2).
A few interesting suggestions were brought up, such as:
- First lab session could use local computer instead of the supercomputer (1)
- A template for the lab reports would have been nice (1)
- Labs should also include something theoretical when writing the report, such as deriving PRAM time complexity of the implemented algorithm (1)
- Reference benchmarks could serve as motivation to create more efficient lab solutions (1)
Comment: Very interesting suggestions, we will consider this for next year.

A few complaints about the schedule: dislike early thursdays and late fridays.
Comment: Me too. Given the faculty's central block schedule, there is basically no choice in the first 3 weeks of the course; at least we avoided late evening hours this year.

Thanks for all comments and suggestions!

Christoph Kessler, course leader TDDC78

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