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TDDC78 labs (2015)

Lab material


To do the labs you need to register in Webreg Webreg and secure an account at NSC.


We offer two lab passes called Grupp_A and Grupp_B in the schedule.
Please choose either pass A or pass B.

Deadline: 29 March 2015


We use supercomputer resources at NSC, including the recently built supercomputer, Triolith.
We gratefully acknowledge the support by NSC.

See here for how to apply for an account on the NSC supercomputers.
Deadline: 31 march 2015

Make sure that you are properly registered on the course. If not, contact the studierektor Tommy Färnqvist.

Nationals of certain countries may encounter problems getting access to NSC computers produced by US-based manufacturers. Read the rules for NSC user account holders for details. In case you should be denied access due to US embargo regulations, please contact the assistant or examinator for alternative exercises.


All assignments must be completed, demonstrated and handed in before May 26, 2015.

General notes

  • Course accounts at NSC may get erased automatically after 2015-09-01.
  • To complete the labs in the time you need to be well prepared for each session
  • We do not report any results to LADOK for persons who are not registered on the course. If you forgot to register in time, please contact the studierektor Tommy Färnqvist.


  • Lab1: if larger image is tried, change the static memory allocation to dynamic allocation for storing image pixels.
  • Lab1: use scatterv and gatherv if different number of pixels should be sent to different processors.
  • Lab3: put the code "use omp_lib" after "program laplsolv" to enable OpenMP in fortran, compile with "ifort -fopenmp", and set number of thread by "export OMP_NUM_THREADS=2" before run your code.
  • Lab3: use "omp_get_wtime()" to measure time in OpenMP code.
  • Lab5: only a report is needed, no demonstrated is required.

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