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TDDD23 Design and Programming of Computer Games

Since: 2008

About 100 students developing games using primarily C# XNA Game Studio and Game Maker but also any dedicated game library of students choice. Design focus on core game play, in game tutoring, and progression.

TDDD57 Physical interaction and game programming

Since: 2012

About 30 students developing games or interactive media with physical interaction and the desing of interactions that works with the body and min in 3D. In 2017 we focused on mobile augmented reality which is introduces new means of working the computer systems. A focus is on expling and finding interesting but also pleasant wasy of interacting and moving.

TDDE20 Avanced Project Course - Game, App and Web Development

Since: 2017

CDIO project course on the development of games and apps which are emotinaly-driven producs.

TDDD27 Advanced Web Programming

Since: 2002

About 150 students developing advanced web projects, ranging from online games to web stores. Technichal focus on framework on client- and server-side, single-sign-on user authentification, rich internet application and web 2.0 user experience. State of the art web projects using technologies such as PHP, ASP, GWT, Javascript, DJango, Ruby, Jquery.

TDDE04 Introduction to Programming and Computational Thinking

Since: 2016

About 200 students, introduction to the use of porgrmming for developers of physical products uysing 3D modeling and simulation software such as Blender 3D. Generating and seraching for design alterrantives, and solving design-problem or challenges by sorting and validating candidate solutions to problems. Making the computer generate and search for designs that work. Algorithmic and generative design. Core focuis is the usefullness of programing for "design" engineers.

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