Contact Information

I'm an associate professor (senior lecturer) in computer science with a research interest for game programing, gamification and motivation, whole-body interaction. I work with and around the development of emotional-based software products like game and apps. Application design and self-motivaiton and flow. I also have a soft spot for code-based art and new technology.

My teaching at LiU is focused on game programing platforms such as Unity, Unreal, Godot, and XNA with both general game development and game user experience and furthermore with courses on augmented and body-based 3D interaction techniques such as VR and mobile augmented reality. Furthermore I have project courses on web and mobile programing. Finally a course on code-based 3D-modelling and generative design for mechanical engineers and design and product engineers.

I'm also the founder of Therese Kristoffer which publishes game and gamification products. We recently released the math app Tangle Math, together with Fri Tanke förlag and the Swedish astronauts Christer Fuglesang.

Sidansvarig: Erik Berglund
Senast uppdaterad: 2018-06-18