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TDTS06 Computer Networks

Lab groups

You have to be in a lab group and subgroup of two persons in order to follow the lab series in the course. We use the webreg system to register and administer lab groups and your results. Welcome to sign up for the labs. The group codes A, B and (C) correspond to the same codes as in the timedit schedule.

  • LiU students: Please make sure that you have registered for the course first, if possible and before the sign-up deadline.
  • Foreign students: You will probably not be able to register for the course until later because of practical reasons, so just first sign up for a lab group and then make sure you get the course registration done as soon as possible.

The last date for signing up for a lab group is on Sep 1. You are expected to work in groups of two. Strive to find a lab partner who is equally good on working on the labs. If you sign up alone, expect a random person to sign up together with you (or be paired with you).

The schedule for each lab group is listed in timedit.

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Last updated: 2024-07-15