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TDTS06 Computer Networks


Examination items

The course has the following examination items:

LAB1 - Laboration - 3 ECTS
TEN1 - Written examination - 3 ECTS

Solving an optional assignment during the course can render you up to 4 extra points to be used for the written examination.

The exam is graded with fail, 3, 4, or 5. To get a pass on the exam you need at least to reach grade 3.

You can follow the lab results in webreg.

You can find some example questions and more comments for the exam at the bottom of the page with lecture notes.

In October 2022, the exam is closed book at university building with questions selected from set of Jan 2022 online exam.

Page responsible: Andrei Gurtov
Last updated: 2022-10-15