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TDDE41 Software Architectures


During the course, we will meet for 5 grand seminars (storseminarium) where material in the course is discussed. Attendance at these seminars is mandatory. If for some reason you cannot attend a seminar, you will have to complete an additional assignement.

The format for each grand seminar is that you prepare by reading some recommended literature and preparing assignements based on each seminars instructions. The first part of each seminar will consist of you meeting in groups and discussing the issues of each seminar, where you get a chance to present your work and discuss with others. The last part of the seminar will consist of us, jointly, discussing material in depth depending on your questions. Assignements will be submitted via Lisam.

The aim of the seminars is to learn better by discussing and solving problems together and to help you prepare your poster and get perspective and feedback from your classmates. Therefore it is importnat that you come to the seminars prepared and participate actively.

Seminar 1: Architecture and design decisions

Groups: randomly assigned groups

Assignement 1: Nothing to submit in advance for this seminar, but reading the course literature and the course slides is recommended. After the seminar you will submit a 1-2 page reflection report per discussion group.

Task: you will be given the instructions at the seminar

Task: You will be working in teams in to design an architecture fulfilling a specification.

Seminar 2: Cross domain discussion

Groups: you will be working with sub-groups from different lab groups

Assignement 2: You will have to read 2 references related to your chosen topic, at least one of which needs to be published in a peer reviewed venue. You will submit a first draft of your project report this week.

Task: You will present and discuss the technology(ies) that you have chosen to use in the labs.

Seminar 3: Sustainability in software design

No assignement to submit for this seminar, but you will be submitting your poster draft this week.

Groups: your lab groups

Task: This will be an open discussion seminar around what sustainable architecture design means with respect to different areas. You will be discussing in groups and then summarizing the results of your discussions at the end of the seminar.

Seminar 4: Review of poster and report drafts

Groups: you will be working with sub-groups from different lab groups

Assignement 3: You will have to submit a poster and a draft of your project report in the corresponding group folder in Lisam.

Assignement 4: Before this seminar you will need to read and review the 2 posters and reports from other groups working on the same module as you according to the review guidelines and upload the reviews to Lisam under A4 in the group corresponing to your topic.

Task: we will discuss the reviews, the guidelines, work on improving the posters and the reports.

Seminar 5: Mini-conference

Assignement 5: You will upload the final version of your poster and report to Lisam.

Assignement 6: You will review the final versions of the posters and reports for the same module (the same posters you reviewed the first time around) according to the review guildelines and upload the reviews to Lisam.

Presentation of the final posters. We will have 2 sessions and take turns walking around and asking quesitons about the posters.


The grading of your reports will be based on specific grading criteria.

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