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TDDE41 Software Architectures


Seminar 2: Cross group discussion

Groups: you will be breaking down in domain-specific discussion groups (Module1, Module2 and Module3) to get a better overview of what the different groups are doing. Please upload the draft version of your report before the date of the seminar. It should include an outine of your planned solution and at least 2 references to back up your solution choice (each of the pair members should read a paper) (eg: description of architectural paradigm, description of techical solution, overview of pros and cons).

The goal of the seminar is not to focus on technical issues such as installation difficulties but to discuss the technologies you used, the problems you had with them and to evaluate how useful they would be in the context of the project.

Each of you will take turns presenting the framework they are using, the application you are planning and the papers you have read.

  • Which theoretical concepts we have seen in the lectures relate to the technologies you have used?
  • How does theory compare with practice? Are there disadvantages or difficulties you did not expect? (Think general issues, not installation or bug issues).
  • What was your motivation for the solution you chose?

You will then discuss how the different technologies relate to the architectural design goals we discussed in the course.

  • How do methods/technologies everyone presented compare to each-other? What are the benefits/draw-backs?
  • Are they established or state-of-the art?
  • How did you make sure this technology fit in with what the rest of the technical choices in the project?
We will follow up with a round of summaries from each group highlighting interesting discussion points. Upload your report drafts on Lisam and in the collaborative workspace under Seminar 2.

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