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TDDE41 Software Architectures

Lab Series

You may either use the IDA lab computers or bring your own laptop.

You are expected to work in groups of two students who equally contribute to the labs and their demonstration.

Lab series:

  • Lab 1: Tools for the topic
  • In this lab you will select a topic to investigate further and get familiar with the chosen architecture/framwework (if you want to choose something different from what is recommended, please discuss it with your lab assistant first). You will then install any tools or set up any frameworks you plan on using and test them. To complete this assignement you will write a short 1-2 page report describing the tools you will be using and demonstrate the setup to the course assistant. There is no formal requirements on the format of the report, but you should reference all your sources.
  • Lab 2: Topic related project
  • In this lab you will choose a research question you want to investigate further based on the topic you chose and will discuss with your lab assistant how you can test your theories out with an implementation. You will use the work you do in this lab to prepare your poster for the final seminar. To complete this assignement you will write a short 2-4 page report describing the setup you have implemented, any results you have obtained and how the lab work that you have done relates to the more general contents of the course. There is no formal requirements on the format of the report, but you should reference all your sources and include concrete results from your project to support all your claims.

Topic list

Hand-in Instructions

Lab reports are handed in through LiU's GitLab (Not IDA's GitLab). Add your lab assistant as a reporter to your project, preferably early in the course to avoid problems later on. Place your reports in the root of the project, on the master branch. Name the files according to the pattern lab1-liuid123-liuid123.pdf. Please hand in the reports as PDFs. The repository should also contain your code and other artifacts you have produced.

Please notify your lab assistant when you have uploaded your reports, either during the labs or by email.

Your reports should contain your names and LiU-IDs, the date and a proper title


Each lab will be presented as a demo, for each group, to the corresponding lab assistant.

For each demo you will be expected to present the code, answer the corresponding lab questions, plus the extra questions that the lab assistant might have.

The lab assignments are intended as a complementary technical exercise for the seminars. Each lab assignment requires you to submit, on time in order to keep on track with the seminars. Your demos for the first lab are in preparation for seminar 2. The demo of the project for lab 3 will be in preparation for seminars 4 and 5.

It might not be possible to install some of the tools on the IDA machines. If you plan to use those tools, you will need to use your own computer.


Failure to hand in assignments on time, and provide well-justified answers to questions, or failure to actively participate in the seminars, will require you to to additional work.

Opportunities to resubmit the labs are provided during examination and re-examination periods only.

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Last updated: 2019-03-31