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TDDD53 Advanced Interaction Design

Course information


The student shall develop advanced knowledge in methods and theory for interaction design. After the course, the student shall be able to:
  • Use methods and techniques for concept design and detailed design to define problems and alternative solutions for digital interactive products and services.
  • Give an account of system objectives, and analyse design qualities and user experience for digital interactive products and services.
  • Define purpose, content, and form for digital interactive products and services.
  • Argue for one's interaction design ideas using multimedia, visualisations, or oral and written presentation.
  • Summarise and analyse the meaning of concepts from interaction design and use them to analyse design work.

Course content

The course is conducted as a collaboration with industry and focuses on designing interactive experiences based on target experiences. The core of the course is a group project with an external client. A document detailing all the assignments can be found here.

During a period of the course you will have access to the Designstudio and a design lab.

Project hold times

Suggested times to guide the projects:
  • 9/9 - desicion about three concept ideas to take forward
  • 21/9 - the group should have decided on one concept to prototype
  • 5/10 - prototyping finished


During the course, the following lectures will be given:


  • Thu 7/9 at 13:15-17
  • Thu 21/9 at 13:15-17

Final presentations

Thursday 12/10 at 13:15-17 in T2

Project groups and assignments

You can find the groups and assignments here.

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