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TDDD53 Advanced Interaction Design (6 ECTS)

Ht1 2019

Latest News...

9/9  Updated groups

The project groups on the webpage have been updated. If there are any issues with the groups (missing participants, participants that will not take part in the course etcetera) please let me know as soon as possible. /Johan

3/9  "And we're off!"

The course has started and all information should be up to date. I have also uploaded a new version (in English!) of the groups and assignments. The groups are still being finalised but before I can add everyon on Lisam they need to be in the Ladok system, which takes some time unfortunately.

19/8  The website is being updated for HT 2019

All content will be up to date shortly. This year's course is given in English for the first time, so some information might get lost or corrupted during the translation from Swedish.

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