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TDDD50 Green Computing



The goal of the lectures is to present basic terminology so that students are prepared to read technical papers and discuss them during the seminars.

Note: The slides of the lectures are uploaded one day before the lecture.

Lecture Topic
1 (pdf) Introduction and Sustainability
Course introduction: Course rules and hints [1]
Sustainability: Green IT [3][2]. The life cycle of ICT products: Phases of the lifecycle (Design, Production, Use, End), e-waste, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Ecolabeling
2 (pdf) Power-aware computing
Basic energy background. Identifying sources of energy waste, energy proportionality and power-aware computing strategies [4,5].
3 (pdf) Data centres: overview
Data center basics [6], chapters 4 and 5. Power and cooling systems. Metrics for data center efficiency. Energy proportionality revisited. Preliminary information about ongoing group formations.
4 Seminar 0
The material from seminar 0 is in the seminars page.

References [1,2,3,4,5,6] above can be found on the literature section to learn terminology that everyone is expected to know before the seminars start.


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