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TDDD50 Green Computing

Course information

Course overview

This is an introductory course on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) with a sustainability perspective. It has an emphasis on energy-efficient computation. TDDD50 was a pioneer at an international level among courses devoted to sustainability of ICT and has been mentioned in different specialised media (e.g., IEEE Computing Now or Journal of Sustainability Education).

Course content

  • Global ICT footprint
  • The life cycle of ICT
  • Power-aware computing, especially in data centers
  • Tools and metrics to evaluate the energy consumption of mobile devices, networks and applications

Course organisation

The course is mainly organised in group seminars, with introductory lectures on basic terminology to be able to participate in the seminar discussions. During the seminars with obligatory attendence the students will read and present research articles to learn about green ICT and will discuss the emerging techniques. Finally, the students will write a report discussing a research article. The course language is English.

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