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TDDD17 Information Security, Second Course

Projects 2004


Project id Project name Students Supervisor
001 Information to the general public about the new, active bank cards in Sweden Åsa Karlsson
Anna Berglund
Viiveke Fåk
002 Information to the general public about setting up a new personal computer Xin Ye
Hong Wei
Viiveke Fåk
003 Security Management --- The Human Factor LiLi Gao
Jianqiu Wu
Almut Herzog
004 Classification of Policy Languages Jing Zhang
Xiaojie Shen
Almut Herzog
006 Public Key Infrastructure Anna Kent
Francisco J. U. Porcel
Claudiu Duma
007 Fingerprinting Anders Bovin
Feihong Lin
Jacob Löfvenberg
008 Watermarking Shanai Ardi
Haiyan Jiao
Jacob Löfvenberg
010 Security Analysis of Webservers Written in Java Magnus Holmgren
Wolfgang Maehr
John Wilander
013 Biometric Authentications using Fingerprint Scan Hans Hazelius
Karl Larsson
Kristin Anderson, Fredrik Claesson
014 Biometric Authentications using Iris Scan Andreas Johansson
Helena Raaby
Kristin Anderson, Fredrik Claesson
015 Biometric Authentications using ... Xiaobo Wang
Bo Sun
Kristin Anderson, Fredrik Claesson
021 How secure and user friendly is PGP? Peter Örnval
François Arpin
Tina Lindkvist
022 Secure communication: Is it possible with SSL and/or SSH? Edvard Wikström Tina Lindkvist
023 Reputation-based trust establishment in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks Mu Peng
Xianying Cheng
Claudiu Duma
024 Wardriving in Linköping Christofer Wallen
Anders Haglund
David Byers
025 Computer Forensics

Peter Gunnarsson
Mikael Albertsson

David Byers
028 Trojans Philippe Farges
Annick Tremblet
Emil Haraldsson
029 Viruses and worms Fredrik Linell
David Mellqvist
Emil Haraldsson
031 RFID Bjorn Johansson David Byers

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