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TDDD17 Information Security, Second Course

Course information


The course provides deeper studies in selected topics in the area of information security.


A basic course in security (e.g. TSIT02) is required.

For the system security part of the course, basic knowledge of operating system concepts (e.g. TDDB68) is recommended.

The labs require basic knowledge of the TCP/IP networking protocols, some experience of working in a Unix command shell, as well as some programming experience.

To participate in the TDDD17 course and its examinations you need to be officially registered to the course.


The course consists of two parts, an overview part and an individual deeper studies part. The overview consists mainly of lectures and a study of literature. The deeper studies consist of a project in a sub-field of information security. The course will cover the whole spring term.

Scheduled lecture hours: 46
Rec. self-study hours: 114

Course contents

Part 1: This part deals with theory and is based on lectures and literature study. The lectures will cover the following topics:

  • Network security
  • Identification and auhentication, Biometric user authentication
  • System security
  • Database privacy and security

Part 2: In this part students will perform projects, which can be of theoretical or practical nature. The subjects of the projects will be from the topics studied in part 1 or other topics within the field. The projects will be performed in groups of two students.

Course literature

Article collection.


See the examination page here.

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