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TDDB68 Concurrent programming and Operating Systems

Install pintos on your own computer

It is possible to get pintos running on your own computer. If you are already running an Linux, it should be quite straightforward, you only need to ensure that you have developer tools (gcc etc) and qemu. If you have an Ubuntu-based distribution you can jump directly to step 4 below. If you are running Windows, MacOSX or some other Linux distribution where you are not able to get Pintos running, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Download a hypervisor such as Virtualbox to your machine.
  2. Get a Linux distribution. I recommend using LUbuntu as it is a bit more lightweight than a regular Ubuntu, but still user-friendly enough.
  3. Install and configure your virtual machine. There are more detailed instructiona here.
  4. Open a terminal and install the basic build tools required:
    sudo apt install build-essential
  5. Install Qemu:
    sudo apt install qemu qemu-system-x86
  6. Install your editor of choice:
    sudo apt install emacs
  7. Clone your own lab repository
  8. Get the new changes from the lab repository:
    git fetch https://gitlab.liu.se/tddb68/pintos
    git merge --ff-only FETCH_HEAD
  9. Create the qemu symlink according to instructions in Lab0
  10. Set the PATH variable according to instructions in Lab0
  11. run make clean amd make in the utils directory
  12. set executable bits according to instructions in Lab0
  13. run make clean amd make in the userprog directory

Page responsible: Mikael Asplund
Last updated: 2021-01-20