Examples of Bachelor and MSc Theses with supervisor and/or examiner at TCSLAB

Restricted Constraint Satisfaction Problems and the Exponential-time Hypothesis, Victor Lagerkvist, 2012.

Identifying Unsolvable Instances, Forbidden States and Irrelevant Information in Planning, Simon Ståhlberg, 2012.

A comparison of SL- and unit-resolution search rules for stratified logic programs, Victor Lagerqvist, 2010.

An Evaluation of Shortest Path Algorithms on Real Metropolitan Area Networks, David Johansson, 2008.

Analyzing and Adapting Graph Algorithms for Large Persistent Graphs, Patrik Larsson, 2008.

A CLP(FD)-based model checker for CTL, Marcus Eriksson, 2005.

Tight Approximability Results for the Maximum Solution Equation Problem over Abelian Groups, Fredrik Kuivinen, 2005.

Supermodularity and the Complexity of Max CSP, Mikael Klasson, 2004.

A combined systematic and randomized algorithm for directed s-t connectivity, Johan Thapper, 2002.

An Algorithm for Finding Minimum Transversals in Rank-3 Hypergraphs, Magnus Wahlström, 2001.

Automatisk stavningsanalys av midifiler, Vilhelm Dahllöf, 2000. Awarded IDA's and Dataföreningen's Prize for Best Final Thesis.

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