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Current CSELAB projects include:

  • The Impact of GIS on Professionals During a Collaborative Emergency Response Task
    Info: -
    Funding: Swedish Emergency Management Agency
    Duration: 01/2008-12/2009
    Contact: Rego Granlund
  • User- and Command & Control- Oriented Development of Mixed Reality
    Info: Info sheet [ Swedish ]
    Funding: Swedish Defence Materiel Administration
    Duration: 12/2007-04/2009
    Contact: Susanna Nilsson
  • Hypothesis about Emergencies and Their Consequences for Investigation and Measures
    Info: Info sheet [ English/Swedish ]
    Funding: Swedish Rescue Services Agency
    Duration: 01/2006-12/2008
    Contact: Erik Hollnagel
  • NETCOR - Swedish National Network for Command and Control Research
    Info: Web
    Funding: Swedish Emergency Management Agency
    Duration: 09/2006-09/2009
    Contact: Rogier Woltjer
  • ERASMUS - En Route Air Traffic Soft Management Ultimate System
    Info: Web
    Funding: European Commission
    Duration: 05/2006-02/2009
    Contact: Rogier Woltjer
  • VIRTHUALIS - Virtual Reality and Human Factors Applications for Improving Safety
    Info: Web
    Funding: European Commission
    Duration: 05/2005-05/2009
    Contact: Pär Svensson

Current student projects associated with CSELAB include:

  • FRAM Visualizer
    Info: Students of the LiU Cognitive Science programme have developed the FRAM Visualizer, a tool for modeling complex socio-technical systems for accident analysis and risk assessment.
    Download: Prototype
    Duration: 01/2007-current
    Contact: Rogier Woltjer