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Program IDA-30

Seminar on current trends and challenges in higher education
Wednesday June 19th, 13—15 in Visionen

As part of the 30 year anniversary of IDA two international speakers will give an open seminar related to current trends and challenges in higher education. The first is about interactive learning materials and the second about the inverted classroom and other innovative instructions techniques.

The seminar is held Wednesday June 19th 13.15-15 in Visionen.

This seminar is open for everyone, please spread the word!


Workshop on Implementing the Inverted Classroom
Thursday June 20th, 9—12 in Alan Turing

The Inverted Classroom is an exciting pedagogical technique where more passive information assimilation activities (e.g. lectures) are assigned as homework and class time is reserved for active applied problem solving and group activities. With current technology, instructors wishing to implement inverted classroom have a variety of options to create engaging and accessible learning modules. In this workshop, we will go through an overview of the inverted classroom philosophy and some initial data from successful pilots of the inverted classroom. Participants will work in small groups to develop inverted classroom activities. We will wrap up with presentations from the groups and a discussion about assessment.

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