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Data Structures and Algorithms
Programming Languages
Systems Programming
Software Engineering and Programming Projects
Web Programming


725G90Object Oriented Programming in Java, 7.5 hp (G2) 
725G92Problem solving and programming, 7.5 hp (Grundnivå) 
729G28Web Programming and Databases, 6 hp (G2) 
729G46Information technology and programming, 12 hp (Grundnivå) 
729G75Programming and Algorithmic Thinking, 6 hp (Grundnivå) 
732A74Introduction to Python, 3 hp (A) 
732G17Introduction to SAS Programming, 7.5 hp (G) 
732G33Programming in R, 7.5 hp (G) 
961G14Basic programming with mathematics didactic focus for teachers in grades 7-9, 7.5 hp (G1) 
TDDC74Programming: Abstraction and Modelling, 8 hp (G1) 
TDDC76Programming and Data Structures, 8 hp (G2) 
TDDC77Object oriented programming, 8 hp (G1) 
TDDD11Introduction to Programming, 8 hp (G1) 
TDDD23Design and Programming of Computer Games, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD27Advanced Web Programming, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD38Advanced Programming in C++, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD44Programming with applications in engineering, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDD49Programming in C# and .NET Framework, 4 hp (G2) 
TDDD56Multicore and GPU Programming, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD80Project: Mobile and Social Applications, 11 hp (G1) 
TDDD87Programming and Problem Solving, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDD97Web Programming, 6 hp (G2) 
TDDE04Introduction to Programming and Computational Thinking, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDE10Object Oriented Programming in Java, 6 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDDE11Object Oriented Programming in Java, 4 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDDE20Advanced Project Course - Game, App and Web Development, 6 hp (Avancerad nivå) 
TDDE23Functional and Imperative Programming, Part 1, 6 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDDE24Functional and Imperative Programming, part 2, 5 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDDE44Introduction to Computer Programming, 8 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDDI11Embedded software, 6 hp (G2) 
TDDI82Object Oriented Problem Solving, 10 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDIU08Problem Solving and Programming, 6 hp (G1) 
TDIU20Object Oriented Programming, 4 hp (G1) 
TDP002Imperativ Programming, 6 hp (G1) 
TDP0036 hp /, 6 hp (G1) 
TDP004Object Oriented Programming, 8 hp (G1) 
TDP005Project: Object Oriented System, 6 hp (G1) 
TDP013Web Programming and Interactivity, 6 hp (G2) 
TDP024Enterprise Systems, 6 hp (G2) 
TDP026Scientific Method in Programming, 6 hp (G2) 
TQPR10Degree project - Bachelor's Thesis, 16 hp (G2) 

Data Structures and Algorithms

725G97 Data Structures and Algorithms, 7.5 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDDC76 Programming and Data Structures, 8 hp (G2) 
TDDC91 Data Structures and Algorithms, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDD20 Design and Analysis of Algorithms, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD71 Data Structures and Algorithms, 2 hp (G2) 
TDDD86 Data Structures, Algorithms and Programming Paradigms, 11 hp (G1) 
TDDI16 Data Structures and Algorithms, 6 hp (G1) 

Programming Languages

725G66 Programming in C# and .NET Framework, 4 hp (G2) 
725G90 Object Oriented Programming in Java, 7.5 hp (G2) 
729G75 Programming and Algorithmic Thinking, 6 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDDA69 Data and Program Structures, 6 hp (G2) 
TDDD08 Logic Programming, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD38 Advanced Programming in C++, 6 hp (A) 
TDDE10 Object Oriented Programming in Java, 6 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDDE11 Object Oriented Programming in Java, 4 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDP007 Computer Language Construction, 6 hp (G1) 
TDP019 Project: Computer Language, 10 hp (G1) 

Systems Programming

TDDB68 Concurrent Programming and Operating Systems, 6 hp (G2) 
TDDC78 Programming parallel computers - methods and tools, 6 hp 
TDDC90 Software Security, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD07 Real Time Systems, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD17 Information Security, Second Course, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD25 Distributed Systems, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD55 Compilers and Interpreters, 4 hp (G2) 
TDDD82 Project Semester including Bachelor Thesis Project: Secure, Mobile Systems, 30 hp (G2) 
TDDI41 Introduction to System Administration, 8 hp (G1) 
TDIU11 Operating Systems, 6 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDIU16 Concurrent and Operating Systems Programming, 4 hp (G2) 

Software Engineering and Programming Projects

725G64 Software Engineering, 12 hp (A) 
TDDB84 Design Patterns, 6 hp (A) 
TDDC88 Software Engineering, 12 hp (A) 
TDDC93 Software Engineering Theory, 4 hp (G2) 
TDDD04 Software Testing, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD05 Component Based Software, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD29 IT-Project Management, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD30 Advanced Software Engineering, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD69 Software Engineering - Company Project, 6 hp (A) 
TDDD76 Software Engineering Project, 8 hp (G2) 
TDDD82 Project Semester including Bachelor Thesis Project: Secure, Mobile Systems, 30 hp (G2) 
TDDD83 Computer Engineering - Bachelor Project, 18 hp (G2) 
TDDI02 Program Development Project, 6 hp (G1) 
TDDI83 Professionalism for Engineers, 2 hp (Grundnivå) 
TDP017 Company Project, 10 hp (G2) 
TDP028 Project: Entrepreneurial Programming, 10 hp (G2) 

Web Programming

TDDE42 Web Production with Dynamic Layout, 6 hp (Grundnivå) 

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