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Evaluation of standards for hydrology data

Level: 30hp (Advanced level, Master's thesis)
Number of students: 1-2
Area: Computer Science

SMHI is a Swedish Research Institute with 650 employees that conducts weather forecasting as well as climate and hydrology research. Hydrology research makes use of large datasets pertaining to both measurements and simulations, to be analyzed by various members of SMHI staff. A number of standards for exchange of hydrology data have been proposed, along with ontologies for representing metadata.

Due to the size of these datasets, there are high demands on the storage and exchange formats used, with respect to size, time for reading/writing data and exchanging information in a distributed system.

Also, as metadata is important in information exchange between different research facilities, and individual applications, the metadata format must be standardized and expressive.

The main aim of the thesis is to explore the options for achieving a standardized, open, efficient and expressive format for metadata and data present in hydrology research datasets.

During the thesis work, the student(s) will use previous studies from the literature to explore specific issues pertaining to the aim of the thesis, using SMHI datasets as benchmark datasets.

The applicant will need to be proficient with different database types and data modelling techniques through courses such as TDDD43: Advanced Data Models and Databases.

Contact: Patrick Lambrix.

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Last updated: 2015-09-16