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A Compression Scheme for Graph Data with Edge Annotations

This project is designed for master students.

Description: For many use cases, modeling and querying data in the form of graphs is more natural and more efficient than using a more traditional, table-based SQL database. However, in contrast to such SQL databases (with the relational data model as their foundation), for graph data and graph-based databases there exists several different abstract data models. The most prominent examples of such data models are the Property Graph model and the Resource Description Framework (RDF). In recent work at Linköping University we have developed yet another such data model, called RDF*, that extends the RDF model with features from the Property Graph model. The main purpose of this new RDF* model is to serve as a stepping stone for reconciling the other models with each other and, thus, to ultimately enable a seamless conversion of data across the different data models. The goal of this thesis project is to develop an RDF* extension of a popular and highly effective RDF compression approach and to evaluate the effectiveness of this extension.

Prerequisites: Students who want to work on this project should have read a course on Database Technology. Additionally, familiarity with Java is another requirement.

Contact: Olaf Hartig.

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Last updated: 2018-05-18