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Migrating data between NoSQL systems and graph databases

This project is designed for master students.

Description: In recent years, a plethora of various, so-called NoSQL systems have been developed. In contrast to the more traditional SQL databases with the relational data model as their foundation, the NoSQL systems support a number of different data models (including simple key-value based models, so-called wide column store models, JSON-based models, and graph-based models). To simplify data exchange between NoSQL systems, a language has been developed that allows users to describe transformations of data between the different data models. This language, called NotaQL, comes with a tool that can migrate data from one NoSQL system to another by performing transformations described in NotaQL. In its current version, the NotaQL language, and thus also its corresponding tool, lack support for one of the most prominent graph-based data models, namely the Resource Description Framework (RDF). The questions to be addressed in this thesis project are i) how to extend the NotaQL language to support the RDF model, and ii) how to perform the transformations for such an extension efficiently in the NotaQL tool.

Prerequisites: Students who want to work on this project should have read a course on Database Technology, and it is an advantage to have read TDDD43 Advanced Data Models and Databases. Moreover, since the NotaQL tool is written in Java and based on Apache Spark, familiarity with Java is another requirement for this project and familiarity with Apache Spark is an advantage.

Contact: Olaf Hartig.

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Last updated: 2017-10-11