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TDDD89 Scientific Method


To pass the course, you will need to prepare and participate in six seminars, and submit a thesis report with the first three chapters written according to the instructions in the course.

From the course description: "After the final seminar, all subgroups (individuals or pairs) are required to submit their final versions to their respective assistant's URKUND e-mail address (listed on the Staff page on the course web) as well as pushing a final version of your thesis to Gitlab. URKUND is used to verify that your submissions are not plagiarizing other published material. You need to have adressed all open issues on Gitlab in your final submission, that need to be submitted by no later than the last date of the exam period for HT2."

Note: the last date of the exam period for HT2 is 2017-01-14.

Re-submissions will be possible at the exam period for VT1, 2017-03-15 and the re-exam period in August.

Also, note what you will need to take into account specifically for final submissions by reading the course description.
Please note that plagiarism and violations of copyright are prohibited in your theses, and that we as teachers are responsible to report any violations of plagiarism. Read more on definitions of copyright violations and plagiarism on the University Library pages.

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Last updated: 2017-08-14