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TDDD56 Multicore and GPU Programming

Timetable and Lecture Plan


Schedule (as available on the LiU schedule server)

Lecture/Lesson Plan

Certain lecture notes and other handouts with restricted access are located here.
The lecture notes and other material may be updated during the course as appropriate.

Lecturers: Christoph Kessler (CK), Ingemar Ragnemalm (IR).
Assistants: Nicolas Melot (NM), Lu Li (LL), Ingemar Ragnemalm (IR)

Those lectures marked below in blue color overlap largely with similar lectures in TDDC78 Programming of Parallel Computers - Methods and Tools. These lectures are optional for those who have already taken TDDC78, but might be a useful repetition anyway.

The following list of lecture topics and lessons is preliminary.

Lab schedule

We have three lab groups, see the schedule.

  • Group_A (32 students, room Southfork, supervised by Nicolas Melot and Lu Li)
  • Group_B (16 students, room IDA-Multicore Lab, supervised by Lu Li and Ingemar Ragnemalm)
  • Group_C (16 students, room IDA-Multicore Lab, supervised by Nicolas Melot and Lu Li)
Groups A and B are mostly running in parallel. Group C uses different time slots in the schedule. Register for one of these groups in webreg.

Lab rooms:

Presence in the lab sessions is mandatory.


see the lab page.

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