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TDDD56 Multicore and GPU Programming (6 ECTS)

Autumn2 2016

Lab Series

Please register for the labs via webreg by friday 4/11. Webreg will be opened at course start.

For students in lab group A (lab sessions held in ISY Southfork): Please also register on paper at lesson 1 if you never had a course in ISY, as we need to create student accounts for the computers in the ISY room where the group A labs are held.


Presence in lab sessions is mandatory.

Lab deadlines:

CPU-labs (Labs 1, 2, 3): 24 nov 2016 (soft deadline), 15 dec 2016 18:00 (hard deadline)

GPU-labs (Labs 4, 5, 6): last lab session (14/15 dec 2016)

Multicore Sorting Contest (register no later than 9 dec): CPU-part 12 dec 2016, GPU-part 15 dec 2016 18:00
The winners will be presented in the last lecture (19 dec 2016).

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