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TDDD50 Green Computing



General examination rules

The examination of the course is based on three different activities carried out in the context of the seminars. The incremental requirements for the different grades are:

Grade 3

  • Attend all seminar sessions and participate in all the discussions
  • Satisfactory presentation and satisfactory leading of discussion at the seminar where the assigned paper is presented by the student
  • Write a report about the paper assigned using the provided template (doc, odt) and follow the submission process. In order to find related works required for your article report, you can refer to Information Search guidelines and ask the teachers for help if needed.

How to interpret "satisfactory" above will be demonstrated in seminar 0, attendance of which is compulsory.

Grade 4

  • High quality form and content in the report
  • Prepared activity in the seminar discussion

Grade 5

Extended report, including the following points:
  • Proposal of alternative ideas on the paper solution
  • Extended related work with at least one more reference

Special cases

  • Many learning goals are reached in the seminars and discussions, hence the attendance of seminars is compulsary. You should contact your teacher at least one day before in case of justified reason to skip a session but you need to compensate for it later. Missing a seminar (including seminar 0) results in a requirement of summarising the papers presented in that seminar (one page, satisfactory content).
  • Low activity in discussions will result in feedback by the teacher after the session and the student will be encouraged to be more active, followed by closer monitoring in next seminars.
  • Low quality presentation or leadership results in a retake session that will be separately arranged by the teachers.


The reexamination of written reports and presentations will take place during June and August. For written reports see the more detailed information. For presentations, the dates in those weeks will be determined together with your seminar teacher.

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Last updated: 2015-02-17