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TDDD50 Green Computing (4 ECTS)

Vt1 2014

Latest News...

20/02‑2014  Muddy cards

The results of the muddy cards evaluation, our reflection and comments about them are available in the muddy card section of the website.

23/01‑2014  Article selection

Please send your 3 preferred articles to the seminar assistant for the seminar group you have registered for in webreg. The title of the e-mail should be: TDDD50-Group-X-Articles, where X is your group.

17/01‑2014  Webreg registration open

The webreg registration link is now open. The registration deadline is 28th January. The seminar groups are classified by the study program (DI, D, IP, C or other students), therefore sign up for the group of your study program.

08/01‑2014  Welcome to the course!

The Green Computing course will start the next Thursday 23rd of January at 8:15 AM in room Visionen in the B-building with an introductory lecture to the course rules and content. In addition we will start with the topic of sustainability. Do not miss it since important information about the course will be given! Check the timetable section or the LiU schedule for more information about the dates of the following classes.

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