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Ph.D. courses 2010ht

Code  Name School Open
  Bayesian networks with forensic and other applications CIS  
DF12800 Computation II CUGS  
DF12900 Database Systems   Cancelled CUGS  
DF21900 Design research methods CIS  
DF22100 Functional and Logic programming CUGS  
  Geographical Information Systems and ICT CIS  
DF15700 Heuristic Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems CUGS  
DF21100 High-Performance Networks   Cancelled CUGS  
  History of program systems and languages CIS  
DF14400 Logic II   Cancelled CUGS  
  Methodology for interaction design SweCog  
DF17400 Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems CUGS  
  Semantics of programming languages   Cancelled CIS  
  Serious games SweCog  
  Wireless Sensor Networks CUGS  

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