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History of program systems and languages


Status Archive
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division PELAB
Owner Kristian Sandahl
Homepage http://www.ida.liu.se/~pelab/historycourse/

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Course plan

No of lectures

15 per year

Recommended for

PELAB PhD students, and other interested in programming

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The course is a reading and presentation course about fundamental contributions to the field of program systems and languages over the years. Well-cited papers are normally of high quality, but are often mis-interpreted over the years. The goal of this course is to give PELAB PhD students, and other interested students, a good, source-critical, common understanding of foundations and development of the field.


Programming, Software Engineering


The course is organized as a seminar series. The students will bid for, and later be assigned to an article, which they will interpret and present to the rest of the students. The presentation must be well-adapted to the audience and the examiner will give feed-back both on the presentation and the student’s interpretation of the article.



Selected articles


30 minute seminars, with 20 minutes presentation and 10 minutes discussion - the normal conference format


Kristian Sandahl


Seminar participation and presentation.


A seminar that gives credit assumes and audience of 5 persons, whereof at least one shall be a PELAB professor. Each student can get 1 hp per semester provided that they are present at at least 5 seminars.
Credits per approved presentation: 1 hp.
To pass the student must have made at least one presentation.


This is a study circle that will span several semesters. The examiner, Kristian Sandahl, will keep the record of approved seminars. Any profressor at PELAB can approve a single seminar.

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