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Serious games


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School Nationell Forskarskola i Kognitionsvetenskap (SweCog)
Owner Annika Silvervarg
Homepage http://www.swecog.se/courses.shtml

The course is given by SweCog, the national graduate school in Cognitive Science. The course is given in English if there are student who do not speak Swedish.

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Course plan


The course gives an overview of the field of serious games. The term “serious games” refers to games that engage the user, and contribute to the achievement of a defined purpose other than pure entertainment (whether or not the user is consciously aware of it). The additional purposes can, for example, be education, training, health care or marketing. The course aims to present some examples of projects and application areas in order to explore the research frontier within serious games

Course content

The course will feature a series of seminars where the participants will see practical examples of research applications in serious games. This will include practical examples of serious games as well as the possibility to try some out.

Organisation and Schedule

The course will feature two one-day seminars and one lunch-lunch meeting in Skövde. In addition each participant will also read and present a set of papers presenting relevant research.
Tentative schedule, exact dates to be announced:
Seminar 1 and 2 (lunch-lunch, October)
Seminar 3 (one-day, November)
Seminar 3 (one-day, December)


In order to receive credits each participant has to submit a position paper which relates their field of research to serious games or the application of a serious game to a relevant problem. The paper should aim to be “publishable” in an international scientific community. Each participant will also review at least one of the other participants work following a standardized review form. Furthermore, participants are expected to participate in the seminars and present at least one paper of their choice.


Per Backlund, Henrik Engström, Mikael Johannesson, Ulf Wilhelmsson, Jana Rambusch, Anna-Sofia Alklind Taylor


Ritterfeld, U., Cody, M. Vorderer, P. (Eds.) (2009) Serious Games Mechanisms and Effects. New York: Routledge. (Pat I and Part II constitutes the core of the course)
A selection of articles to be announced before the start of the course.
A selection of articles of each student’s choice.

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